Gratitude Day – 28 January 2023

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Today we’re celebrating another JohnnyO Gratitude Day!

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay.


That’s my story.

Reverential Respect mixed with Fear and Wonder.
So in claiming my own narrative,

I am proud of my decision to proudly proclaim my Sobriety like a peacock,

not following the directions of other(s),

although well meaning, they’re not necessarily well taken.

I am reverent to the extent that there is a Power in the Universe at work, or I simply

would not be enjoying the privilege to write this, or the process.
I respect that each has a different path both to destruction and recovery.
I respect that just because I may choose a different methodology,
what works for them is unique, and should be celebrated, whether or not

I choose the same path.

I respect that most will try to say that this is the only way… whether or not I am

receptive in the least.

I have mixed emotions about telling those pontificating perfectionists to go fly their kite
at some other Park or growing the tolerance to Patiently search for some kernel of
wisdom in the midst of another boring rant. To be silent and listen is frequently very

challenging, but they do contain the same six letters.

After all, they do mean well, and effectively communicating is a lost art is in our

Immediate, do it now, text me a picture society.
I am not afraid to be myself. I am not afraid to tell the Truth.

I am not afraid to piss someone
off because I do not agree.
I wonder what the next Chapter(s) will be.
I do not wonder whether or not they will be enjoyable.
I am in a total state of bliss and wonder at my newfound life.
Reverential Respect mixed with Fear and Wonder.

That’s my story.


Full Circle
As I contemplate the Privilege of this Gratitude Day, I understand that I really have come full
Circle. I am back in Park Hill, an iconic diverse neighborhood where I grew up. I am assisting a newly formed Group of Writers who — even though most are about my age, (it started as a Memoir Class after all) — there is a lot of vitality and vibrance in this eclectic Group.

Special thanks to Nicole, Niki Flow, Nealie, Sweet Lou in Heaven and most of all My Son, Stefan. 25 months and counting to forever, “Let’s Give ‘em Something to Talk About”….How about Love???

Open Mic at Tattered Cover Denver, Colorado Thursday February 9, 2023 6:00 PM MST

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Day – 28 January 2023

  1. Everyone reading this should know that an inherent part of my wellness journey is the daily mindful diet or reading and sharing the types of “Gems” so lovingly created by my gracious friend and navigator, Niki Flow. You are Truly a soulmate in my continued wellness Path, a true friend to cherished always. Thank you Dear. JO

    • *hugs* I’m really happy you like the Gems, John. So many are created with your gifts. I’m so grateful you are part of my life John. Thank you for what you wrote. ♥.

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