I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
¤ TGIF ¤

Monday will start again with new Gems. I didn’t want to throw off the numbers, so I thought you might enjoy a TGIF collection. Over the years I’ve accumulated several alternative meanings for TGIF.

truthful gentle inspiring fearless

Be Truthful Gentle (Inspiring) and Fearless.” -Gandhi

T.otally G.orgeous I.credibly | The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepherd

too fabulous

Photographer, graphic artist unknown.

This Giraffe Is too Fabulous

Speaking of giraffes…

this giraffe is following a duck

Photographer unknown.

This Giraffe Is Following a duck.

totally gorgeous in a fedora

Photographer unknown.

Totally Gorgeous In a Fedora

Speaking of fedoras,

Twenty Guys In Fedoras

Photographers unknown*

Twenty Guys In Fedoras

*Except for row 2, photo 3 and row 4 photo 4 which are by Niki Flow of my son (and under1000skies photographer) Joseph Raley.

this guy's intriguing face on a very tall building

Photographer unknown. Artist Kobra.

This Guy’s Intriguing Face on a very tall building.

This Guy's Ingenious design Finds and destroys landmines

Photo by Azure Designs

This Guy’s Ingenious design Finds and destroys land mines.

from “Four Ingenious and Social and Sustainable Designs

turtle girl artist uknown

Artist Uknown

Turtle Girl Is Fascinating.  So is the article where I found this painting. The Bias of Birth: Can A Writer Truly See Thru Another’s Eyes? by Anika Nailah.

I hope we have a beautiful weekend.  See you on Monday.


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