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¤ TGIF ¤

Monday will start again with new Gems. I didn’t want to throw off the numbers, so I thought you might enjoy a TGIF collection. Over the years I’ve accumulated several alternative meanings for TGIF.

truthful gentle inspiring fearless

Be Truthful Gentle (Inspiring) and Fearless.” -Gandhi

T.otally G.orgeous I.credibly | The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepherd

too fabulous

Photographer, graphic artist unknown.

This Giraffe Is too Fabulous

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T.G.I.F. 3: This Week under1000skies

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s what’s happening ¤ under1000skies ¤

Gems 2.70

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving week.  It was a nice break for us, but we’re very happy to be back to share lots of new Gems. Yesterday we shared this image and original poem by Niki Flow.   gems-2-70This month in December, our theme is joy and that includes anything that creates laughter as well.  There’s been a lot of sadness this year, and really tough major issues, for all of us.  Our hearts are pulled all over by our empathy, and every sadness hurts us as well. Laughter is healing.  We need more joy.  If you have any favorite quotes about joy, any photos that express joy in your life, any poems, artwork, or anything that you’ve created with joy or laughter, we’d love to feature your creativity in December.

T.G.I.F. – What It Really Means


TGIF – “Twenty Guys In Fedora” – A Jazztizz Creation

This week’s TGIF is just for fun — an homage to the fedora and 20 guys that make it look good.  You can find this and other photos along with this theme the Pinterest Board:  TGIF – What It Really Means.   If you have any ideas for this board, let us know!  We’re working on a “20 gals” version, so if you have any favorite photos, send them into us!



What Do You Find Beautiful?

As always, we would love to feature your creative visions.  When we know what someone finds beautiful, we get a glimpse into their hearts.

May you find joy every day under 1000 skies.   ♡.