Celebrating Johnny O (Part 3)

Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay 

Christmas as a Daily Endeavor

These things you have heard and learned and seen in me, just do them baby, and I got you.

Thus said the Birthday Boy, or so it is recounted and proclaimed to the highest mountain by many.

But do they live it?

The people I admire are the ones who care about and serve the downtrodden every day.

The venue at which we all gather to write is a perfect example of same.

(Same Cafe soallmayeat.org)

It is easy in our culture to be charitable, especially on holidays like Christmas.

How about every other day?

The people I admire are people who graciously embrace monumental challenges, difficult people, harnessing disdain, calmly addressing difficult circumstances on any given Tuesday.

Service before self, consistently showing up, not in cliche fashion, in demonstrable, daily effort.

A Christmas List of admirable traits for the daily practitioner.

  1. Acknowledgment. Even a simple hello is preferable to ignoring someone.
  2. Encouragement. Be aware of and a conduit for available resources.
  3. Listen. Try to listen. As difficult as it may sometimes be.
  4. Ask for Spiritual Guidance.
  5. Don’t be attached to any particular outcome.

            Nobody bats 1000. It is enough that you are still at the plate, trying to serve others.

Hello. Good Day. Merry Christmas. Daily. Amen.

John Olander

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