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Bag End to Rivendell, Day 16 of 28
Gems 1.32 BETR 15

The Road to Rivendell, Series Day 16/28. Photo by Niki Flow (me). =) Feel free to use it for your Eowyn Challenge group!

Bag End to Rivendell

Miles 260-279*

*Milestones based on The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Fonstad

The 1st Annual KindSpring Eowyn Challenge
September 23-October 6th on KindSpring.org

MTFMR (Movement-to-Forward-Movement Ratios) on Middle Earth. Translate ALL movement to Middle Earth miles!

The Eowyn Challenge on Facebook (a safe and secret group)