Gems 2.60

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤


Photo, “This Kitty” by Niki Flow

We have two dogs, Mabel and Wolf,
and three cats at home, Charlie,
George and Chairman. We have two
cats on our farm, Tom and Little
Sister, and two mini horses, Hannah
and Tricky. We also have two cows,
Holy and Madonna. And those are only
the animals we let sleep in our bed.
– Ellen DeGeneres

#13 in the “Divine Feminine” series.  In October and November we’ll be featuring quotes about, for and by women.  Inspired by the call with Elle Lunaauthor The Crossroads of Should and Must. See also Aphrodite Emerges on and “#the100dayproject” on Instagram. 

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