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Special Post

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
This is a special post for everyone.

Keep Hope Alive We Are With You (1)

Two new things to share.


I put this sign in our front windows for our neighbors to see.  We moved to this house ten years ago.  If you also follow my personal blog, you’ll know why I have rarely ventured out.

Short story

40 years of trauma; 15 years of PTSD; serious physical* illness; got over it; serious physical illness; got over it; Ben disappeared; serious physical illness; got over PTS and agoraphobia (Transformation); getting over latest body sickness; quarantine.

*Not “mortal” as previously written else I’d be a very talented ghost. Duh. *blush*

It’s a bit weird to think that I might be our neighborhood Boo Radley.  But that’s okay.   I hope to change that this summer little by little.  We’re working on a garden.  We finally got masks, thanks to my mom! She was given a box and sent us three.  So now we can safely go shopping.  Rather, my crew can.  Thank God for my family.  I hope to share our garden bounty with neighbors, and (Kindness Diaries on Netflix) host a weekly barbecue once the quarantine lifts. Or maybe schedule pickups. Haven’t figure that out yet.  People need food, and we can grow food.  We have a pretty big yard.



I had an idea. I was actually thinking of my friend Terre when this idea came and then I thought I could put it out to anyone

I’d be willing to create 21-day challenges for families in mourning. I can make graphics too.  These are three weeks of emails to anyone you invite, and a private thread for connection, to remember a loved one.  It can begin with a live video memorial like my friend Mindy did for our first day of our friend Carole on the 29th, a couple of days ago: 

Remembering LeoLady

When LeoLadyC728 left us on April 18th, I wanted to find a way to channel my sadness and help her friends who were very close to her and grieving.  So I created the “Celebrating LeoLady” challenge.  I used Carole’s first 21 posts on KindSpring, giving a lovely glimpse into a beautiful life.

I plan to host three challenges total from her posts, and then one in August on her birthday week and one every year after that. So, “Remembering LeoLady 2” will begin the day after “1” ends.

So here’s the idea.  If you would like to do a 21-day challenge like this for someone you loved and lost and need help getting started, please let me know.  If you want to host it and just need help, or if you want me to host, I can do either one.  The prompts go into your email daily and anyone participating can decide if they want to participate that day or just read alone.

Here’s an example of another challenge I did a couple of years ago, “Grateful for Health – 300,000+ Days of Gratitude.”

Day 6: Every Moment, Gratitude

“He must put aside his pride, his virtue, beauty and life and bow or submit to the absolutely intolerable.” -Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

I have a friend who has amazed me from day one. He’s a poet, a novel-writer, an outdoorsman who lived for two years off the land in the Rocky Mountains with only a backpack and a sleeping bag.  He then went on to work for 30 years in a very high-stress job (air traffic control).  He married, had children and raised a family.  Then tragedy struck.  His daughter became very ill.  He took care of his daughter until her last days on earth.

I didn’t know about his daughter until recently, ten years after we met.  He is so strong, and he is constantly filled with joy when we talk.  In fact, his laughter is one of my favorite things about him.

Recently I asked him “Tell me something about you I don’t know.”  So, he told me a story.  One day a janitor at his college came up to him senior year and said, “Hearing your laugh every night from your dorm for the past few years has been a highlight for me. It’s been a little rocky in my life recently, and hearing your laughter kept me going.”

In 2008 my friend was diagnosed with a deadly disease with an extremely high mortality rate.  He took care of himself, and then went on to become the one of the Transformation Champions on Transformation.com — something that thousands of people including me were competing to do.

Continue reading…


This is the 30th challenge I’ve hosted since 2015, and I have access to graphics programs, so it’s pretty easy for me to create these. If anyone submitted letters or remembrances of their loved ones, I could make these into daily blurbs.

Our mourning has changed. No hugs, no stories, at least not face-to-face. These three-week challenges have been a wonderful way to connect.

What do you think?


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