Gems 9.28

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here, in celebration is the third of seven ELS ¤ Gems ¤

Painting “Sands of Time” by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,

How came to be this woeful end,
Past years unnumbered, kin and friend?
Tis true my love grew jealousy;
My brother’s love was given thee.

Yet all was covered, reason stood.
I’d fain to lose ye both in blood.
I loved him, kin and brother both.
I loved ye, sworn to me in troth.

We journeyed far, adventurers,
For coin, and sport, three wanderers.
Long years upon the road we knew.
My love, and his, was kept for you.

What callous look, what wicked word,
What spells o’ercame us all, unheard,
That led us to that craven hour
When lust or jealousy took power.

From love to jealousy to rage —
Tis too late to turn back the page.
Too late! Too late! my soul laments.
The blood is shed, the sword repents.

Fair love and brother, both are lost.
One wanderer must pay the cost.
Doomed forever to regret;
Doomed indeed, to ne’er forget.

At dawn, your eyes so golden fair.
At dusk, the fire of your hair.
In sun, his smile, warm and sure.
In rain, this pain I must endure.

I long for sweet oblivion,
To die and leave this pain I’m in.
Yet hell awaits me, worse than here
Where still my memory haunts, I fear.

   Oh shame! Oh crime! Oh jealousy!
   To kill two loves most dear to me.


Elanthian Love Songs: A Bard’s Tale by Sara Michele O’Sullivan (Niki Flow) was published on February 14, 2016. All profits go to the support of

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