Gems 9.27

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here, in celebration is the second of seven ELS ¤ Gems ¤

Painting “Shaman” by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,

Created in honor of Pinktoes’ “Pink-Themed Song Contest”

I found a Pink Love Potion.
I bravely took a drink.
I never had the notion
It would turn my blonde hair
I tried another sip —
Aye brave I be, not wise.
Can ye guess what happened next?
  Yer right — I had pink eyes!

Again I drank the potion.
I see ye start to grin.
P’raps ye knows what changed this time.
  Aye, I had pink skin!

Once more I drank the potion,
Once more another change.
Yet this was one I couldn’t see.
  It made me feel so strange!

I gasped and flailed and stumbled.
I couldn’t breathe nor think.
All over me it felt like I was being tickled

When I woke up in TSC,
I was kept, but dead.
I find no wound on Tizz.
  She can be raised, an empath said

A jolt streaked down and stunned me.
When I could move, I weakly stood.
Maybe it was all a dream
  But that potion tasted good!

I checked my pockets — empty!
No silver, not a gemstone
For the empath or the cleric,
  Or for whoever dragged my body home!

Ye’ll never guess what happened —
Then again, p’raps ye will.
I glanced down at my hands and saw
I held the potion still!

The empath gasped at seeing it.
The cleric’s mouth dropped wide.
Then the giant who had dragged me home
   pushed everyone aside.
He grabbed it from my fingers,
Then stupidly, he said,
 I always wanted wun of dees!
   and poured it on his head!
TSC grew deadly quiet,
Because right before our eyes
The giantman was changing,
  and it wasn’t a disguise!

His teeth grew long and pointed.
He seemed to shrivel and to shrink.
His nose grew wide and piggish,
And his skin grew thick and…

We were stunned but fascinated —
The giant was no more!
Right there in TSC he changed
Into a stupefied pink

He ran around in circles!
He bashed his head into a tree!
He scrambled to his feet
Then stamped his hooves and charged
     At me!

I screamed and grabbed my falchion,
But I didn’t have a prayer.
Then suddenly he squealed and jumped
  Ten feet into the air!

A wizard grinned and murmured words
Another bolt flew by!
That pink boar splattered everywhere —
  A gruesome way to die.

I looked back at the wizard.
He smiled at me and bowed. He took my hand and kissed it
  Then he asked, How fare ye now?

I suddenly remembered!
My hair – eyes – skin — all pink!
This handsome man who saved me —
Oh Lord — what must he think?

I ran to the pavilion!
My heart tumbled in fear —
I had to know if I was pink!
   I gazed into the mirr’.

 I was normal! I was me again!
Oh! that ghastly drink!
Then I heard the wizard say,
   “Ye looked really good in pink…
From that day on we’ve been together.
Not long from now, we’ll wed.
If ye find Pink Potion —
  drink it!

(Just don’t pour it on yer head.)

-Sara Michele O’Sullivan (nka Niki Flow)

Elanthian Love Songs: A Bard’s Tale by Sara Michele O’Sullivan (Niki Flow) was published on February 14, 2016. All profits go to the support of

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