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Bag End to Rivendell, Day 15 of 28

GEMS 1.32

Oct. 7 – Day 15 (1st from Weathertop): 19 miles

(7 Oct – 15th Day from the Shire – Dawn) In the night, the Nazgûl attacked. I couldn’t find Mr. Frodo, then I heard him cry out as from far away — strange words they were! Then, when he appeared, he was bad hurt! Strider fought the cursed things off. At full light, we made our way down to the Great Road. As we crossed, we heard the Riders and ran into the brambles. We camp here tonight. Strider says Mr. Frodo’s wound came from a Morgul-blade and is cursed!

from The Journal of Samwise Gamgee by NikiFlow (DotMatrix/Kindspring.org)

Bag End to Rivendell

Miles 241-260*

*Milestones based on The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Fonstad

The 1st Annual KindSpring Eowyn Challenge
September 23-October 6th on KindSpring.org

MTFMR (Movement-to-Forward-Movement Ratios) on Middle Earth. Translate ALL movement to Middle Earth miles!

☼ Gems 1.27 ☼

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“Above all shadows rides the sun and stars forever dwell.
I will not say the day is done nor bid the stars farewell.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Gems 1.27

Photo “The Road to Hobbiton 2” Copyright © Chip Haldane 2015. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Limited copyright.  Please do not disseminate. Thank you!

Bag End to Rivendell
Mile 179-194*

*Milestones based on The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Fonstad

from The Journal of Samwise Gamgee
Midgewater Marshes, Day 11 from the Shire

“We walked all day and we have to make camp here again tonight! Strider says we’ll be out by tomorrow.  The Neekerbreekers are giving us another sleepless night.  We can see Weathertop from here to the east with some kind of bright flashes of light * over it.  I miss the Shire.

* What neither Sam nor the companions could not have known was that the lights were Gandalf’s magic on Weathertop as he fought off the Nazgûl. Gandalf had arrived in Bree the day after the companions left it, but because they told had told Barleyman, innkeeper at the Prancing Pony, that they were headed for Weathertop, Gandalf rode straight there. The remaining four Nazgûl attacked him there and he outwitted them and escaped.


Gems 1.23

Photo – Pine Barrens, NJ – 2013 – 4th Annual Running for Joy 5k).  Don’t forget, we would LOVE to feature YOUR photos for Gems.  The Walk to Rivendell series (which ends 13 Oct) needs photos.  It’s the only time of the year (probably) I’ll send out 7-days/week photos.  The upcoming months need photos as well or paintings and/or quotes, lyrics, poems, sketches, jokes… creativity!  Gems (fka Rx-for-Healing) is tied to Under 1000 Skies which is tied to Volunteer Biographers: “When we show each other what we find beautiful, we get a glimpse into each others hearts.”

gems 1.23ii

Photo by Niki Flow, Pine Barrens, Running for Joy 5k 2013

Bag End to Rivendell

Miles 115-135*

*Milestones based on The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Fonstad