Gems 4.72

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤



820: nos corazon

you’re missing from me,
tu me manques, and I from you

ay, nos Corazon,
our beautiful Benjamin
rentrer à la maison


our heart / you're missing from me / (you're missing from me) and I from you /equiponderant / oh, our heart / our beautiful Benjamin / return home

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don't share but do drawDies Mercurrii

I beg your indulgence.  Today’s poem is a rare self-insert, but I cannot silence my heart’s keening. Some nights are like this.  Then, I surface. Hope returns.

Instead of monthly themes, we’ll be doing recurring weekly ones for the days when we don’t have any new creations to share from our homeless artists.  Recurring daily themes are: Monday – (fun)day – humor;  Tuesday – muse day (our biggest inspirations); Wednesday – dies Mercurii – Day of Mercury, mercurial day, water day (Japanese/Korean) “Water Star;” anything goes; Thursday – Thor, the gods, those we worship (God, god or otherwise); Friday – Frigg / Venus day, so LOVE; -or- TGIF what it really means.  Or bag all that and insert your theme idea here: 

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2 thoughts on “Gems 4.72

  1. Author’s note: I don’t speak French except for a child’s song and a few swear words. I only speak enough Spanish for my Spanish friends to enjoy pointing and laughing. But Ben is fluent in French, and I wanted new words to say what I felt to connect to him. And then I wanted to put it into the haiku format so that the words had some rhythm and rhyme and would be more interesting or memorable because I thought that maybe if I used other languages, I would connect to more hearts. And maybe if he’s in places where these languages are spoken, maybe someone will see him. .nf ♥.

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